Sponsorship Info

Many improvements have taken place at the rink, and there are more to come. In May 2016 we will be upgrading the Ice Chiller Plant.

There is plenty of space for signage, so we hope you will consider becoming a sponsor and get a great spot for advertising your business.

*All Prices are for the first year

Included with all options, your logo is listed under our sponsors’ section of our website.

After your initial investment, the cost for each year to maintain advertising would be half of your original contribution. For example: a 4 ft. x 8 ft. sign with lettering and artwork would be $275.00 each year thereafter. That averages out to only $22.90 per month for a lot of exposure. The bonus is that you’re a part of a facility greatly needed in this area. There are approximately 200 children in Brewer Youth Hockey, Brewer High School teams, Hampden High School, Maine Junior Black Bears, Husson College, Maine Club Team and another 300-plus adults in various leagues playing at Penobscot Ice Arena. Also, teams from all over the state play here. It is estimated that 200,000 – 250,000 people visit the rink per year. 

Please contact:

 Linda Bishop at 207-944-4266 or lbishop@penobscotcleaning.com

George Bishop at 207-944-5965 or penobscoticearena@gmail.com

Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to hearing from you!

PENOBSCO HOCKEY, INC. / Penobscot Ice Arena 90 Acme Rd. Brewer, ME.

Ice Rink Boards:  Pia protects your Ice Board Sign with a sheet of clear Lexan over them. This will give you 3-4 years of a nice sign as the boards are cleaned on a regular interval. However due to the conditions in an ice rink (Cold -Wet-Vinyl Cracking Etc.)  Your sign will need to be replaced in the 3-4 year interval. When the time to replace them is up we charge just for the manufacturing of a new sign on top of the yearly fee. Thank You!

4ft x 4ft sign requiring lettering only


4ft x 4ft sign requiring artwork & setup


4ft x 8ft sign requiring lettering only


4ft x 8ft sign requiring artwork & setup


3.5ftx8 sign on rink boards


Full Zamboni wrap


Taken by Fisher Industries & Bangor Truck Equipment

Neutral zone ice logo


3.2.8 under front entry counter


Taken by Dave's World & BDN

Center ice logo


64 sq ft either side of the score clock